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Why Should You Outsource Your IT Services

So, what is a Managed Service Provider?

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a company that remotely manages a business’ IT support and other IT services, typically on a proactive basis and under a yearly subscription model. As a Managed Service Provider, Fibre IT Solutions take the place of a full-time IT professional that you would typically have on staff.

So, how outsourcing your IT would benefit your company?

1. Cost Reductions

Cost reduction is one of the most significant reasons to outsource your IT Support. For example, an IT Manager has an average annual salary of £70,000 per annum. In addition to that, there’s the cost of the initial recruitment, ongoing training and associated company benefits such as pensions, national insurance, paid sick leave. Outsourcing your IT will set you free from all these costs, and you will only be paying a predictable less monthly fee for your outsourced IT Support that multiple IT specialists can manage.

2. 24x7x365 Support

In-house hardware and software management has become more challenging with the technology growth. Modern businesses require
innovative hardware and software solutions to function seamlessly. Fibre IT Solutions is a professional IT Service Provider that can fully handle all your technological requirements all year round under 24x7x365 management, meaning you can rest assured that your IT systems will be well looked after. In addition, when you outsource your IT support, you have the benefit of never having to worry about internal sick leave or annual holidays – as our team of IT experts will always be around to help.

3. Predictable Fees

The investment in specialist hardware and software will always be high. A managed IT service offers the highest quality IT solutions for your business at a fixed monthly price. A fixed monthly payment plan with Fibre IT Solutions means you know what you’re going to get and how much it will cost over the contract, with no unexpected upgrade charges or changes.

4. Flexibility

Managed IT service providers are highly flexible, as a pay-as-you-go payment plan allows for rapid business growth when necessary or cost savings when you need to consolidate. In addition, Fibre IT Solutions provide a bespoke IT Simple plan for businesses up to 5 users.

5. Secure Infrastructure

An MSP’s data centres and managed network infrastructure are more robust than a standard enterprise IT service. Infrastructure is run under 24x7x365 management with government approval security procedures, meaning your business data and network is much more secure.

6. Centralisation

With a managed network, you can benefit from the ability to centralise all your applications and servers within managed data centres, which will improve staff performance, regardless of their location. Access to centralised data centres within the network can also provide access to virtual services and storage and backup infrastructure.

7. Increased SLAs

A managed IT service provides greater control of your business service levels and performance. With service level agreements (SLAs) in place, you can ensure excellent service continuity. As an MSP, Fibre IT Solutions can also look to provide your business with 24/7 IT support and services.

8. Disaster Recovery

Loss of data is a loss in work, time and money. Working with an MSP like Fibre IT means your data will always be safe, whether from human error, flooding, fires, or something else. MSPs have networks and data centres designed to maintain business continuity to avoid downtime.


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