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Powerful Suite of Productivity, Security & Compliance

Microsoft 365 brings together the powerful Office 365 applications with cutting-edge security capabilities to protect and safeguard your business and data from security threats as a subscription-based service ('Software as a Service'). The introduction of Microsoft 365 emphasises productivity features outside of the standard Office applications.

Microsoft 365 and Office 365 solutions provide the latest Office 365 products, Windows 10 integration and Security.

Microsoft 365 vs Office 365

Microsoft 365 is Microsoft’s latest addition to their comprehensive cloud software suite. Microsoft 365 and Office 365 are different products in their own right, but they have many similarities. Therefore, it’s important not to confuse them as they offer various features.

Microsoft 365 consists of powerful Office 365 applications with cutting-edge security capabilities to protect and safeguard your business and data from external threats. Microsoft 365 plans include Office 365, Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise Operating Systems and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS).

Microsoft 365 plans are mainly dependent on the size of your organisation and your security requirements. For example, the ‘Business’ plan has a 300 seat limit, whereas with the ‘Enterprise’ plans, there is no user cap; however, you can mix and match the plans if your users have different requirements.

Benefits of Microsoft 365

Acccess Files Anywhere

Microsoft 365 allows your organisation to store all the files in the cloud so you can access them from any device, any location, with an internet connection. For organisations where remote working is essential, accessing all the apps and files you need when out of the office is invaluable.

Secure Cloud Storage

Microsoft365 is a secure environment with robust security measures in place, like two-factor authentication, which ensures unauthorised people can't access your files if they happen to get on your device. In addition, threat detection and anti-malware can identify security threats and prevent them immediately to protect your confidential data or information. As a result, Microsoft 365 makes your business free to operate without any security concerns.

Improved Communication

Microsoft 365 offers Microsoft Teams for your users to keep communication centralised and straightforward. Teams lets you hold conference calls and meetings with staff and external agencies anywhere in the world, so you can always collaborate and communicate regardless of distance or time difference. In addition, it provides an instant messaging function where you can add comments and upload files simultaneously, which is helpful for cross-department collaboration and when co-authoring documents.

Predictable Spend

Microsoft 365 is a per-user, monthly basis subscription. The cost of your licences depends on the level of functionality you choose for your business. Different enterprise levels include various applications and products, which dictates the cost of each licence. Paying per user per month gives you a predictable outgoing and helps you budget your IT spend for the year ahead. In addition, updates are included in the cost of your licences, so there are no unexpected or additional costs. You are always free to add or remove subscriptions anytime if you hire or people leave, for example.

99.99% SLA

Meeting an SLA of 99.99% means that a service can only be unavailable for 4 minutes and 22 seconds in a month. The equivalent measure for the previous 99.9% SLA is 43 minutes 49 seconds, so Microsoft promises excellent service availability for their users.

Automatic Updates

All the essential apps such as Word, Excel and Outlook are included and work online without installing any software. In addition, updates are performed automatically, so you don't have to worry about being on the latest version; that will happen automatically.

Centralised Collaboration

Microsoft 365 lets you share mailboxes, calendars, contacts and edit documents in real-time through collaborative tools. Sharing calendars in Exchange means you can see who in your organisation is available when, so you can schedule meetings that work for everyone, first time round. Shared mailboxes mean multiple people can access the same mailbox, so messages can be filtered to land in the shared mailbox and won't be missed. SharePoint is another integral tool for enabling collaboration. Documents saved here can be accessed and worked on by any staff member and shared as a link in the email. Multiple users can also edit documents stored in SharePoint in real-time, making co-authoring easy. You can see who is in the document at any time and even where they're working, thanks to little coloured flags which identify each user.

Business Continuity

With files stored in the cloud and regularly backed up, your business continues to operate as usual in the case of a disaster at the office. No matter what happens to your physical devices, your email, files and data are safely stored in the cloud. Microsoft Exchange also has recovery features, which means individual emails or entire inboxes can be restored if needed. So no matter the situation, it can be business as usual if you're using Microsoft 365.

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