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Fibre IT Solutions is a proactive and fast responding IT company in London and Essex. Over the last decade, technology has changed how we go about our daily routine and has made those problematic tasks seem simple. Businesses have also become highly reliant on technology; however, the "tech" word can sound complicated for many people, but don't worry, we are here to make IT simple for you.

Our services include proactive maintenance and monitoring, 24/7 IT support, network administration and technology consulting to small and medium businesses in Essex and London. We were established in 2019 to make "IT" simpler for businesses and the people. We aim to provide IT services by explaining problems and solutions without using technical jargon to make it easier for you to choose the options and features your business needs to prosper. However, we also realise how significant it is to keep your business operating efficiently, and that's why we do not support the One-size-fits-all approach. Each company is unique, after all. That's why we will tailor our IT services to your needs, whether it's remote support, monitoring of all your systems or an extension of your own IT Team. We will give you the confidence to know all your IT requirements are managed and supported to the highest standard.

  • We deliver fully managed IT support, so if you have a problem we’ll own it and resolve it for you
  • We’ll explain any complex technical issues affecting your business simply and in plain English, enabling you to fully understand the issue and make informed decisions
  • We'll always ensure our service is cost-effective to your budget and high standards for your business needs.
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Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading, fastest and friendliest IT Service Provider in London & East England.

We are aiming to bring reliable, affordable and scalable enterprise-level IT Solutions and support to small & medium-sized businesses. We will achieve this vision by providing an excellent and incomparable service to our clients.

Our Mission

Our excellent IT Support service offering will be delivered to our customers through the following five service objectives:

  • Become the ONE point of contact for ALL your IT needs.
  • Provide INSTANT technical Support and leading edge Technology Solutions that drive your success by accelerating business growth and maximising profitability.
  • REDUCE your Annual IT Support service costs by UP TO 50%.
  • Ensure you get MAXIMUM VALUE from your IT Investment by providing ongoing strategic guidance and expert advisory services
  • Focus MORE time on applying intelligent technologies that will solve your challenges and facilitate business growth.

Let's make IT simple

Our bespoke IT support is purposefully designed to meet your unique needs. So call us today, and let's discuss how we can reduce your costs and support your business in a better way. Let's talk IT, let's make it simple.

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Fibre IT is providing outstanding IT Services in London & Essex. Our services include proactive monitoring and maintenance, 24/7 IT support, network administration and technology consulting to businesses in Essex & London. In addition, we’ll get to know your business inside out so we can recommend technology that will effectively address your unique business needs.


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One point of contact for All

Fibre IT provides a Fully Managed IT Support Service in every aspect of your business. Whatever your IT requirements, we have the knowledge, skills, experience, and resources required to provide you with a FULLY comprehensive service.

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